In current global economies, data has become the foundation of solving business problems or making critical decisions. Data analytics empowered by Python programming skills will provide you, as a professional, as well as the organization you work for, a competitive edge in the market.

The Python for Analytics programme will serve as the first step in your data science learning journey, and does not require you to have prior programming knowledge, as this programme will teach you these skills. Designed to provide you with a straightforward introduction to essential Python programming for analytics purposes, the programme will also teach you how to gain essential insights by evaluating data.

Python has become the most popular programming language in the data science world, and is used by global companies.* Python has proven to be beneficial to financial advisors, data journalists, digital marketers, and product managers responsible for researching market opportunities.
(*Source – IEEE Spectrum)


The programme is recommended for anyone who desires a hands-on understanding of Python and Analytics, and is designed for those who have no prior programming knowledge.

Individuals who will derive a benefit from the programme may include:

  • Managers across domains and industries, including digital marketing, product development or customer relationship managers who are interested in learning to solve business problems through data insights, and who wish to gain a competitive edge by acquiring the latest technology tool available.
  • Analysts (business or financial) or software engineers who want to develop a foundation for a future in data science so that they could communicate better with managers/stakeholders.
  • Small business owners or entrepreneurs who would like to understand data science and how to use or apply analytics in their business.


Following successful completion of the Python for Analytics programme, participants will be able to:


Take the first step to a Global Education

  • Starts on


  • Duration

    2 Months, Online

    (4-6 hours per week)
  • Course Fees

    US$ 1,200*

Curriculum & Faculty


  • Introduction to Programming and Business Analytics
  • Coding Style and Jupyter Notebook
  • Objects, Variables, and Assignment Statements
  • Data Types
  • Basic Arithmetic Operators
  • Data Type Conversion
  • Boolean Expressions
  • Conditional Statements
  • Iterations and Loops
  • Strings
  • Functions
  • Modules
  • Introduction to Packages
  • NumPy
  • Datasets and Types of Variables
  • Constructing, Indexing, and Slicing a pandas.DataFrame
  • Accessing Columns and Rows in a pandas.DataFrame
  • Working with Subsets
  • Filtering Data
  • Numerical Summaries
  • Data Manipulation Using Pandas
  • Data Visualisation Using Packages
  • Visualisation Techniques
  • Relationship between Variables
  • Time Trends
  • Random Variables
  • Discrete and Continuous Random Variables and Their Distributions
  • Probability Calculations Using SciPy
  • Samples and Populations
  • Sampling Distribution
  • Decision Analysis


Eli Yi-Liang Tung
Eli Yi-Liang Tung

Faculty at NUS Business School

Xiong Peng
Xiong Peng

Faculty at NUS Business School

Learning Experience

Emeritus follows a unique online model. This model has ensured that nearly 90 percent of our learners complete their course.

  • Orientation Week
    Orientation Week
    The first week is orientation week. During this week you will be introduced to the other participants in the class from across the world and you will learn how to use the learning management system and other learning tools provided.
  • Weekly Goals
    Weekly Goals
    Some weeks, you will have goals set and will attend live lectures during that week. Other weeks, there will be written assignments.
  • Clarifying Doubts
    Clarifying Doubts
    During the programme, the Programme leader is also available to help participants clarify your doubts pertaining to the content.
  • Live Online Sessions

    Live WebinarsThis programme is delivered via live webinars by the faculty. Webinar details: 8 consecutive Saturdays.
    Timing: 2:30-5:00 PM Singapore Time

  • Follow-Up
    For learners who are unable to submit their assignments, Emeritus Programme Support Team will follow up with emails and phone calls.


Emeritus Program Support Team

If at any point in the course you need tech, content or academic support, you can email program support and you will typically receive a response within 24 working hours or less.


Program Highlights

Discussion Boards
Discussion Boards
Live Online Teaching Sessions
Live Online Teaching Sessions


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  • You can pay for the course either with an international debit or credit card (unfortunately we are unable to accept Diners credit cards), or through a bank wire transfer. On clicking the apply now button below, you will be directed to the application form and the payment page.
  • We provide deferrals and refunds in specific cases. The deferrals and refund policy is available here.
  • You will be provided a course login within 48 hours of making a payment.


  • Please provide your work experience and your current employer via the application.
  • You can apply by clicking the Apply Now button


For any questions regarding Emeritus, the learning experience, admission & fees, grading & evaluation please visit COMMON FAQs